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      Practice Areas

      Lisa Vaughn offers big-law experience (formerly with Jones Day, Jackson Walker, and Shannon, Gracey, Ratcliff, and Miller) without the big-law price, handling a myriad of complex cases, all while providing white glove personal service to her clients.

      Lisa understands how a legal dispute can affect your business operations, your daily life, and your financial future. Whether you are involved in a business dispute or facing civil claims for significant financial damages, Lisa Vaughn will do her best to help you win and move on with your business and your life.

      Business and Contract Disputes

      The nuances of contracts and the laws that affect how they are interpreted and how they bind – or don’t bind – are subtle and often counter-intuitive.

      Worse, contracting myths abound – especially on the internet – and those myths can lead you down dangerous and expensive paths. An ounce of prevention can save pounds and pounds of cure.

      Real Estate Law

      Vaughn Law Offices knows that real estate transactions and construction disputes can seem overwhelming and confusing.

      Lisa is experienced at protecting your assets and cash flow, from inception to completion. If you are faced with any issue related to real property, such as construction, buying and selling, leasing, eminent domain or condemnation, title issues, or boundary disputes, contact Lisa to discuss your case.

      Business Law

      A good lawyer can anticipate and protect your rights and interests, keep you out of the courts, and save you valuable time and money.

      Do your contracts hold vendors accountable if their products or services fail?

      Do you have agreements that prohibit your employees from taking your competitive advantages (your ideas, products, and trade secrets) to a competitor?

      Do your contracts make it easy and inexpensive to pursue collections from non-paying customers? Do you need to collect from a troublesome customer or terminate a contract?

      Vaughn Law Offices offer you guidance on the everyday legal problems facing professionals in the business world.

      Oil and Gas Law

      Winning lawsuits takes intense preparation and that’s where Vaughn Law Offices comes in.

      The oil and gas clients that have engaged Lisa range from the majors to large and small independents. She has built an arsenal of legal weapons and legal shields to handle a broad spectrum of litigation involving royalty disputes; pipeline condemnation and eminent domain issues; mineral rights; pooling disputes; surface, subsurface, and seismic trespass; environmental contamination; indemnity issues; and breach of contract.

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